Common Problems Clients Cause Web Designers

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When it comes to being a web designer, there are many issues that you will have to deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, a lot of the issues that web designers must face are caused by their clients, and this can make completing the project problematic or even downright impossible. By establishing yourself as the expert and in control from the very beginning, you can help to avoid many of these problems.

They think that they are the expert

Clients who waltz in and proclaim to know more about the internet than the web designer are just a recipe for problems. If you are the expert, with years of university and experience under your belt, why are they coming in and lecturing you on social media and website design? Some clients don’t understand that you have been doing all these things, and more, for years.

They go from offering feedback to being annoying

Whilst client feedback should always be accepted and considered – you never know, they might have some really good ideas that you can work with – there is a fine line between giving useful feedback and being a downright nuisance. A lot of clients don’t understand where this line is and frequently cross it when they start giving strict guidelines and dictating your every move.

They believe that the internet is the same as print media

Unfortunately, this is a common misconception amongst many people who are not involved in the web design industry. Some clients will be set on having their websites resemble an element of the print medium, such as a brochure, even when their web designer has advised them against it because the internet just doesn’t work like that.

They frequently ask for “one last, tiny change”

And this request usually comes right at the last minute, hours or even minutes away from your deadline. Not only is this a pain to implement at the end of a project (what if the client decides they don’t like it, or the change really doesn’t work with the overall web design?), what is a “tiny change” for a client is generally a massive overhaul for you.

They don’t take the contract seriously

The contract that you construct in conjunction with your client should be respected, by both parties, at all costs. Many clients, however, don’t see a problem in breaking or bending the rules here and there, such as deciding they want to skip meetings even though the contract states there will be one fortnightly or that they want full ownership of the website when the contract states that the web design firm owns the logo.

Any experienced web designer can tell you that the above problems can really put a strain on the client relationship, as well as on your ability to meet deadlines and get the project finished. This is why it is more important than ever to assert your authority from the beginning.

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Common Problems Clients Cause Web Designers

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Common Problems Clients Cause Web Designers

This article was published on 2012/02/18